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About the Steps for Stepmothers Website
Steps for Stepmothers is a website for stepmothers to support and encourage each other in one of the most challenging roles in the world. Stepmothers can post questions to other members who have experienced similar situations, and receive their helpful feedback - all without leaving their homes or offices!
All content, literature, graphics, and images on Steps for Stepmothers are purely informational, and are in no way intended to replace professional counseling or treatment by a mental health specialist. None of the information provided by Steps for Stepmothers is meant to encourage self-diagnosis or the diagnosis of any other person. All users are asked to visit a licensed health care professional for any questions related to their mental or physical health. Steps for Stepmothers is not a source for legal advice. Questions regarding legal matters should be addressed with a competent attorney at law. The use of content found on Steps for Stepmothers is at the visitor's own risk.

Steps for Stepmothers is intended for the exclusive use of stepmothers to support and encourage each other. You may not use Steps for Stepmothers to promote, advertise, conduct research, or endorse any products, books, other websites, or for any other purpose unless you obtain prior written permission from Rachelle Katz. Please contact her at rachellek@att.net if you want to use the posting board for any reason other than to participate in The Steps for Stepmothers community. More information about Terms of Service can be found on the bottom of the Home page.
Privacy Statement

Steps for Stepmothers takes your privacy seriously. Please read the following Privacy Statement carefully to understand why it asks you to provide certain information, how this information is used, and where it is stored.

Registration and Personal Information
Steps for Stepmothers requires some personal information to gain access to an online community of stepmothers who are dedicated to helping each other. Please note that by registering with Steps for Stepmothers you have consented to all terms and conditions of the Steps for Stepmothers Privacy Policy. Additionally, all terms and conditions that apply to registered users will apply to any user of the site, including unauthorized users and minors. If you do not agree to terms of usage, please do not use this site.

Username and Password
Participation on the posting board is simple and free. All you need to do is provide your name, a valid e-mail address, and an available user name. No other personal information is required. Please keep your password and username secret to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing Steps for Stepmothers.
To ensure your privacy, please be aware that this website can be viewed by anyone in the world. Anyone can read your comments on the posting board. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you choose a user name that will not give away your identity. Also, when posting about family members, consider slightly changing their ages, gender, or names, as well as where you live to further protect your identity.
E-mail Address

Although Steps for Stepmothers tries to keep direct communication to you as limited as possible, it asks for your e-mail address in order to contact you regarding updates and services, to assist you if you have forgotten your username and/or password, and to notify you regarding an upcoming workshops, conferences, book signings, website promotions, and related events. Although your email address is not displayed on the posting board, Steps for Stepmothers encourages you to take advantage of the variety of free e-mail providers to set up an anonymous e-mail account and keep your current e-mail address private. If you do not wish to receive email messages from Steps for Stepmothers, contact Rachelle Katz at rachellek@att.net to opt out.

Changing Personal Information or Canceling an Account
At any time, you may change your provided personal information or cancel your account by emailing Rachelle Katz at rachellek@att.net.

Third Parties
Steps for Stepmothers may link to other websites. Steps for Stepmothers is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any third party. Please be aware when navigating away from Steps for Stepmothers to another web site, you should read the privacy policy of that website to be sure you are properly informed.

Steps for Stepmothers utilizes the services of PayPal® for purchases of products and services sold on the site. The personal and payment information collected by PayPal comes within the scope of PayPal's own privacy policy. Steps for Stepmothers is not responsible for the personal information you provide to PayPal. For the exact details concerning the use of your private information, Steps for Stepmothers suggests reviewing PayPal®'s privacy policy. Furthermore, any information you provide to PayPal will remain unknown to Steps for Stepmothers.

Aggregate Data
Steps for Stepmothers may use certain non-personal details that a user has provided for research about stepmothers and stepfamilies that may appear in articles and books. These non-identifying details, considered "aggregate data," will also be collected to develop business statistics that will help improve the services of Steps for Stepmothers. The purpose of gathering aggregate data is to summarize the patterns and features of a large group of anonymous people. Aggregate data may, for example, include information regarding the number of users registered, the most frequently used tools, or age groups represented among users. Steps for Stepmothers does not consider this kind of statistical information personal. Aggregate data may be passed on to third parties, such as advertisers and sponsors to examine the efficiency of their services and advertisements. Under certain circumstances, Steps for Stepmothers may receive payments for sharing this non-personal information with third parties. Steps for Stepmothers also does not have any influence on the manner in which aggregate data is used and transmitted by third parties.

As an element of your internet browser, cookies represent a small data file that is saved onto your hard drive when you visit a web site. Any website you go to places cookies to ensure a seamless use of the site. Data on your hard drive is not accessible by a cookie. Cookies allow a user to be recognized by the computer when moving from one page to the next within a website. For example, cookies enable a user to read Steps for Stepmothers posting page and then navigate to the blog page, without requiring the user to log in again. Some websites use cookies to remember your personal information for succeeding visits, so you will not have to reenter your details every time you want to access the site. In order to protect your identity, cookies used by Steps for Stepmothers, so called "session cookies", are stored in temporary memory. None of your information is retained after logging out from Steps for Stepmothers. Even when you are signed in but have not been active on the site for some time, the cookie placed by Steps for Stepmothers automatically disappears and you will have to log in again. Session cookies do not collect or store personal, but can gather details about your usage of Steps for Stepmothers and the sites of any sponsors and advertisers. Steps for Stepmothers or its advertising partners may use this information to provide you with advertisements tailored to your preferences, to test the attractiveness of certain features or promotions and to make sure you do not see the same ad too often. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you can easily turn them off in your browser; however, this may prevent Steps for Stepmothers from functioning properly.

Steps for Stepmothers takes appropriate measures to secure the safety of your personal information. While it reduces required personal information to a minimum and employs advanced technologies to prevent unauthorized access, there is no absolute guarantee for the security of information presented by a Steps for Stepmothers user. The measures used by Steps for Stepmothers cannot eliminate all risks concerning unauthorized insight or interception of transmitted information. Consequently, Steps for Stepmothers will not be held responsible for any interception or unauthorized access, or for any harm, which directly, indirectly, incidentally, or consequentially results in the loss of anonymity. Steps for Stepmothers will not be liable for any damages resulting from a user providing her or his personal information, even if Steps for Stepmothers has previously been warned of the possibility of such harm.

Steps for Stepmothers, its contractors, and any other third parties are in no respect liable, either directly or indirectly, for damages, harm or discomfort that may result from the use or misuse of information published on this site. This includes any such damage, harm or discomfort that may be the consequence of self-diagnosis or the diagnosis of others. The use of content found on Steps for Stepmothers is at the visitor's own risk. Steps for Stepmothers and possible third parties represented on this site neither guarantee nor warrant that the information and materials provided on this website are true, accurate, complete, non-misleading, or up-to-date. If you require advice for any legal, financial, or psychological matter, you should consult an appropriate professional. While Steps for Stepmothers will make reasonable efforts to update any information on its site, it is under no obligation to do so.

Contact Information
If you have any questions about this privacy policy or Steps for Stepmothers treatment of your personal information, please write to:
Rachelle Katz at rachellek@att.net, or
61 West 9th Street, Suite 1A
New York, New York 10011